My 23 for 23

Each year, instead of a New Year’s resolution, I create a bucket list for the year. Some of the items on the list are easier to check off than others, and I have yet to complete a full bucket list before the year is up. Regardless, it helps to keep me from falling into the rut of day to day life whether I end up completing them all or not. Maybe this year I’ll give myself a reward for successfully completing the list! Hopefully, this inspires you to make your own list because this is so much more fun than a resolution (that you’ve probably already given up on!) There’s plenty more I’m hoping to do before December 31st, but here is my bucket list for 2023 (in no particular order):

  1. Read at least 6 new books
  2. Hike 5 new trails
  3. Try 5 new restaurants and/or breweries
  4. Take the train (anywhere!) *a 2019 bucket list failure*
  5. Make a new friend
  6. Sing karaoke
  7. Take an art class (pottery, painting, etc)
  8. See a drag show
  9. Take new family photos
  10. Have a spiritual reading (psychic, tarot, former life, etc)
  11. Find a second stream of income and/or invest
  12. Try a new food and/or cuisine
  13. Go for a carriage ride
  14. Go for a helicopter ride
  15. Visit the Biltmore in Spring or Fall
  16. Go to a concert
  17. Visit a museum
  18. Go stargazing (bonus: name a star)
  19. Watch a movie at a drive in theater
  20. Ride a horse (I am terrified of horses!) *another 2019 bucket list failure*
  21. Go on a picnic
  22. Kiss in the rain
  23. Plan a cruise (not sure I can squeeze the actual cruise into this year)

Below is my list from 2022 and what I was able to accomplish in case you’d like to add any of these to your list too!

What I accomplished:

  1. Visit 5 new breweries
    • State Street – Bristol, VA
    • Elderbrew – Bristol, VA
    • Birch’s on the Lake – Long Lake, MN
    • Iron Exchange – Maple Plain, MN
    • McGuire’s Irish Pub – Destin, FL
  2. Go ice skating
  3. Go to a hockey game
  4. Take a cooking class
  5. Train the puppy
  6. Find 5 ways to volunteer/donate (below are some of the ways I gave back this year to help give you ideas
    • Book fair helper
    • Donated to a brave little boy’s cancer fight
    • School dance chaperone (twice!)
    • Donated to a family who lost everything in a fire
    • Helped my child’s teacher move/organize her new classroom
  7. Take a DNA/Ancestry test
  8. Go camping
  9. Get the next piece of my tattoo done
  10. Go wine tasting (even though I don’t totally love wine)
  11. Start meditating
  12. Prioritize my mental health
  13. Have a spa day (well technically just a massage since they rescheduled my facial, but I’m counting it!)

What I didn’t accomplish (but still hope to this year!)

  1. Learn how to make pastries from scratch (croissants and danishes are my top two)
  2. Go to yoga class AT LEAST once a week *I went often, but definitely not once a week*
  3. Create a work to home transition and practice it EVERY day (a quick walk, drive around the block, meditation)
  4. Buy a home *I think this one goes without saying, but this year was a tough year to buy a home! I did make an offer on one though!*
  5. Go skiing *Planning to do this soon!*
  6. Ride a bike, often *I have a bike, but did I ride it, no*
  7. Explore a cave
  8. Zip line
  9. Hike 5 new trails *I did 3! Plus another I’d already done so it doesn’t count*

Bonus: Fun things I did last year that weren’t on my list to give you even more ideas

  1. Swam with a dolphin
  2. Went on a dolphin cruise
  3. Vacationed in Panama City Beach at The Salty Lime
  4. Went to Las Vegas
  5. Went on my very first (and second) business trip
  6. Made new friends
  7. Hosted a cookie swap
  8. Made a gingerbread house (okay I used graham crackers)
  9. Went to a rage room
  10. Bought a kayak AND used it several times
  11. Rode the roller coaster inside of the NY NY casino in Las Vegas
  12. Donated plasma
  13. Played in a golf tournament (okay I putted)
  14. Tried a cycling class (I actually liked it!)
  15. Went apple picking
  16. Visited a local farm
  17. Grew pepper plants (My first ever successful produce plants)
  18. Drove through the local Christmas light show
  19. Went out for Chinese on Christmas Day
  20. Dyed my hair a new color
  21. Went to a school football game
  22. Made tik tok videos (the kids made me!)
  23. Went to brunch
  24. Took the dog to the beach (and camping) for the first time
  25. Celebrated the dog’s first birthday (and made her a cake!)
  26. Tried several new recipes
  27. Went to the driving range (and actually hit the ball!)
  28. Applied to be on the Bachelor (because I unexpectedly became single again so why the hell not?!)
  29. Dewormed myself (HAHA! TMI but, yes, I did this! I also highly recommend it and am doing it again soon)

Hopefully this inspires you to write your own yearly bucket list and gives you some ideas to get you started!

Note: I’ve shared several links above. Please know that I am not sponsored by any of the websites I have linked and my views and opinions do not necessarily align with any of these websites, I am just sharing because I wanted to! No pressure to click/visit/buy/donate/try anything if you don’t want to!


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