My 22 for 2022

Wow. It has been 22 long months since I sat down at my computer to write. I actually stopped paying for my site because it had been so long (so back to basic old wordpress)! Somehow the number 22 seems to pop up in my life quite often, so I’m feeling pretty good about this year and the next time I go to Vegas I’m definitely betting it all on 22 black.

Don’t get too excited now, this post isn’t anything earth shattering by any means. 2021 has been a hard year for me. In an effort to try to dig myself out of the black hole of life I feel I’ve fallen into, I wanted to circle back to something that made me happy not so long ago, writing.

Back in 2019 I created a 19 in 2019 bucket list instead of making one of those failed attempts at a new years resolution. While I didn’t accomplish everything on that list, it was a good way to hold myself accountable to continue to explore and enjoy life. I think we’ve all had a weird few years, some more hard or rocky than others, and it feels like the perfect way to close out this chapter and start the new year off right.

So, what’s on my list this year? I’ve tried to keep it a little more realistic than the last one so I can try my best at completing it. There’s still plenty more I want to do this year, but here’s my 22 for 22 (in no particular order).

My top 22 bucket list items for 2022:

  1. Hike 5 new trails
  2. Visit 5 new breweries
  3. Learn how to make pastries from scratch (croissants and danishes are my top two)
  4. Go to yoga class AT LEAST once a week
  5. Create a work to home transition and practice it EVERY day (a quick walk, drive around the block, meditation)
  6. Go ice skating
  7. Go to a hockey game
  8. Buy a home
  9. Take a cooking class
  10. Train the puppy
  11. Go skiing
  12. Find 5 ways to volunteer/donate
  13. Take a DNA/Ancestry test
  14. Go camping
  15. Ride a bike, often (It may seem funny but I’ve only been on a bike for about 5 minutes in the last 20ish years. Wow. I’m old)
  16. Explore a cave
  17. Have a spa day
  18. Zip line
  19. Get the next piece of my tattoo done
  20. Go wine tasting (even though I don’t totally love wine)
  21. Start meditating
  22. Prioritize my mental health

I don’t know what your 2021 has been like, but if it’s been anything like mine take this opportunity to create your own 22 in 22 list. I promise you will be happy that you did!

Here’s to a new year of patience, support, grace, and love. A year of prioritizing what’s important, choosing to be positive even when things are hard, and lots and lots of new adventures!

Our sweet new puppy that I need to train!

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