GUEST POST: An open letter to my soon to be Kindergartner

An Open Letter To My Soon To Be Kindergartner:

The other day, your mom sent me a picture of you sleeping peacefully in your car seat. She sends me pictures of you and your little brother all the time. But this one in particular hit me hard. You see, you’ll be starting kindergarten soon.

With all the craziness a typical day can bring it’s easy to forget just how little you still are..

This picture was the perfect reminder.




As you sat there snuggled up in your car seat fast asleep, clutched in between those long arms of yours were your “guys”; your “snuggle bugs.”

So big yet still so little.

So there I sat, staring at this picture of you. Noticing all the little details that make you, you. Soaking it all in. It took everything I had to not just come home. To hang out with you. To play monster trucks. To throw a football around. To race around with you in the backyard pretending like I’m too slow to beat you to the other side. Eventually these will all be a thing of the past, and I am not ready for that.

In the middle of this crazy and stressful yet fun-filled summer, this picture gave me the pause I needed. To remember that while sometimes I see you as older than you are and more than capable to do things without my help, that you are so little still.

Soon you will be off to Elementary School. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.

I know you’ll love it. Oh man you’re going to love it. You have such a positive outlook on everything and have always transitioned well. From weening off your bottle, to potty training and moving from your crib to a big boy, change has never bothered you one bit. This will be so much easier on you than it will be on me.

So maybe this is more for me than you. But I want you to know one thing. That no matter how tough I am on you, or how high my expectations may be of you, you will ALWAYS be my little dude. And Daddy loves you.

So in the coming days, we’ll send you off on your first day of kindergarten. As I fight back those tears, I’ll do my best to remember just how ready for this you are (even if I’m not).




*Thank you to my awesome brother for sharing his writing with me for the blog! I am so proud that you have found a love for writing!

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