A red lipstick kind of girl

Ever wonder why red lipstick is the best and most popular? It stands out with every event, outfit, and every type of lips. Even with all colors of hair. The lipstick that easily shows on your teeth, or on a glass that you’ve just drank from, and even on a cheek you’ve kissed. Apply the lipstick, make sure it’s on evenly, and don’t kiss your man with it on. If you do, it will come off and he will have red lips too! But honestly, does he care that he’s going to have red lips for a while? A man that is in love with you definitely won’t mind wearing red lipstick, as long as he gets the chance to kiss you! You look at him and warn him, “Your lips are going to be red and pretty!” But all he can think about is kissing you, and hoping everyone around sees his red lips next to yours, and can immediately tell you’re his girl. He’s proud and wants the world to know about you. He’s not ashamed. He will hold your hand, and kiss you in public places. He will laugh about everyone watching, but make you feel like you’re the only two people around.




But this post isn’t all about the red lipstick. It’s about the color and what it truly represents. So, why is red so important? It’s just a color, right? Maybe it’s more.

What color do your cheeks turn when you blush? How about when you’re mad? How about the color of the rose, or when you color in a heart in a coloring book? We all know how important a rainbow is and how they always pop up when something is right. Well, at the top of the rainbow, what is the first color you see? Red.

Red is the representation of love. Something we all hope to find true in someone one day. Everyone wants the color red to be a part of their life. You want someone to make you blush, and even someone to make you mad at times. Someone to color hearts with you in a coloring book on a rainy evening. Someone to enjoy a rainbow with once the sun starts shining after the storm.

It’s about finding love, happiness, and finding someone who doesn’t care what others think.

The previous post left an exciting ending with “there he was.” I know all of you are curious and wondering who he is….

Through all the hard times, searching, dating and being let down by other guys; do you think he went through the same trial and error with other women? Does he ever think “there she was” or “this is her!” Does he feel the same about her as she does him?
Could it be possible that men want the same things that women want in a relationship?


Like stated in the post “To the man I finally give my heart to…”

Does he want someone who is silly, sweet, patient, honest, and kind?

Does he want someone he can be completely and unapologetically himself around, and will cuddle you while you sleep, or until you are both so sweaty you have to peel yourselves apart?
If you could only be inside his mind for just one minute of the day, or a fly on the wall. What would you expect or hope for him to say about you?

“She is Perfect!”

From her hair that gets curly when there’s rain outside (especially the one tiny strand that never stays straight.)

To her crazy obsession with Disney, but I love watching her face light up when she talks about it.

The way she wears the most perfect shade of red lipstick, but refuses to kiss me because it will come off.

The way she makes me laugh just as easily as I do her.

I love how she will hold my hand, or kiss me in public like there’s no one watching, and even when it’s a narrow sidewalk she will sometimes refuse to move over or let go of my hand.

She has the most amazing smile and it lights up the entire room. No need for a flash during a dark picture.

I love how she’s shy at first, but when she opens up…she is completely comfortable about being herself.

There are so many physical features about her that I could list and say something about and how perfect they are, but why would I do that when you can just look at her and see for yourself?

The personality, the humor, the love, the way she treats others, her cooking skills for sure, her independence, she’s an amazing mother to two beautiful little girls, the list goes on…but those are the things not everyone gets to see or experience. Those are the things I want to brag about.

Even through her flaws, as we all have them, her flaws make her who she is. And who she is, is Perfect!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this isn’t Courtney making this post.

My name is Justin, and I am the “he” she was writing about.




Courtney and I have had a few adventures over the past few months of being together. We’ve spent more time with each other than we expected (I travel for work) and those times have been amazing. I honestly never thought I would find someone that is everything I have ever looked for, but then I met her. The list above is nothing compared to how I truly feel as words could never do justice. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Also, as far the red lipstick part of the post, well she finally bought the kiss proof kind so I can kiss her as much as I want! Even though I don’t mind red lips because red is also my favorite color.

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