I drink champagne now

My friends kept telling me things like, “You’ll find him when you stop looking.” or “The right one will come when you least expect it.” So I decided I was going to least expect meeting him at the grocery store, the library, the donut shop, the mall, the bank, the hardware store, and at the mechanic. I mean I had to go to those places anyway right? I would only look at Tinder if I unintentionally opened the app instead of another one. I would pick up a book on quantum physics because I was super interested in it, not because there was a cute guy who just so happened to be in the same aisle. I might even find him “accidentally” picking up the same bottle of champagne as me on a random Saturday night.

I know I jumped ahead a little in the last post, but both 5 & 7 didn’t have a big story to tell, so it only made sense to combine them. Now, let’s take a step back to Thanksgiving. I had just decided to write the blog. This was only like two weeks after the whole Hans thing, and I just had my date with Bachelor #5. That night after the date, I got back onto my Tinder Gold to continue looking through the guys who had already swiped right to me.  There were a handful of okay guys, but most of them were super lame. I came across one though who had the type of smile that made his whole face light up. He looked super sincere, and real. I can’t really describe it any other way. I’m literally sitting here looking at his Tinder picture, trying to come up with ways to describe what I saw in him, but I can’t. There was just something about him that I can’t quite put into words, and he became my Bachelor #6.

Bachelor #6 was the only other Bachelor who I never referred to as his number. So, since I started with the Frozen theme, it only seems fitting that I continue it. Bachelor #6 will play the part of Kristoff, the hunky dude that shows up when you least expect it, right after the asshole. Kristoff is an absolutely gorgeous, 30-year-old man, with a smile that will melt your heart, and abs for DAYS. I’ve actually tried to decide just who is hotter, Bachelor #2 or Kristoff, and although it’s quite close, Kristoff definitely wins. Sigh. (Sorry, I got lost in my daydream there for a minute.) Anyway, he messaged me first, and we quickly hit it off. In fact, we ended up messaging back and forth through Tinder for 5 hours. Before I knew it, it was midnight, so I gave him my number and hoped I’d hear from him tomorrow.

Shortly after 9am I got the “good morning” text from him, and we literally messaged each other from 9am-2am. There were only a few hours that day that we weren’t texting. He was funny, sweet, and did I mention gorgeous? I was trying to be really careful here though, because I knew what happened the last time with Hans, and I wasn’t looking to get hurt again. When I talked with Hans, I was always a little nervous to say things. I mentioned in his post that I kind of walked on eggshells with him. I just had this perfect view of him and never wanted to say the wrong thing. It wasn’t that way at all with Kristoff. The conversation flowed freely, and I said whatever thought came to my mind. I wasn’t afraid to tell him exactly what I was thinking. He was just super laid back and easy to talk to. Up until this point, I hadn’t met a guy that I felt I could really be myself with. Not that I was trying to be someone else, but I just didn’t feel totally safe to open up and be authentically me. I could with Kristoff, and that kind of terrified me.


Halfway through our long day of texting, he asked me how I felt about meeting him. I felt good about it, even though I was so scared. I knew it wasn’t fair to assume that just because one guy hurt me, that this guy would do it too. I wanted to give him a chance, but also be slightly guarded until I knew it was safe to let him in. We decided to meet that upcoming Thursday, so I just had a few days to wait. We continued to talk almost constantly over the next few days. Wednesday came and Kristoff told me that his Dad had a stroke, so he was rushing to the hospital to see how he was. He spent all day and night at the hospital, and when Thursday morning came he was still there. His dad was going to have to have heart surgery ASAP so I told him that I understood and I’d be around if he needed anything. I already felt a super strong connection to Kristoff, and I was willing to help him out if he needed something.

Later that day, he messaged me to let me know the surgery went well. His dad had to stay at the hospital a few more days though. Kristoff had spent so much time at the hospital, but we still wanted to see each other.  I offered to come meet him so he could have a break, but still stay close in case he needed to get back to his Dad. He loved the idea, so we decided to meet up for coffee the following day. I have to say, I was probably more nervous to meet Kristoff than most of my other dates. Obviously my very first date was the worst, but for some reason I was almost equally as nervous for this one. I really liked him already and I wanted it to go well.

I got there first, so I sat not so patiently waiting in my car while shaking like a leaf. I remember texting my best friend and my mom telling them how fucking nervous I was. He showed up just a few minutes later and walked up to my car. I got out and we hugged, and I was hoping he couldn’t tell that I was shaking. (Damn it girl! Get it together here!) Kristoff was just as handsome as his pictures, which was a relief because I feel like at some point the odds are I’m going to get catfished. (Glad it wasn’t this time!) We walked inside and I felt like a dorky teenager just standing there smiling at him. I even looked at him and said, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say right now.” We ordered our coffees and it was in that moment I realized he was quite possibly even more nervous than I was. When he handed the money to the cashier, his hand was shaking like crazy. I giggled to myself and went to put sugar and cream in my coffee. The fact that he was that nervous too eased my anxiety slightly and we went to sit down.


It was a little bit hard to talk at first. His looks are intimidating, and I felt like whatever came out of my mouth was most likely going to be dumb. I have a tendency to be socially awkward, and speak before I think. I was trying really hard not to do that, but it seemed like he was trying to do the same. We managed to get through the first few awkward minutes, and when we both started to relax the conversation flowed more freely. It ended up going so well, that I didn’t quite realize just how much time had passed. I had to pick up the little one from preschool, and if I didn’t leave soon I would be late. He walked me out to my car and we said goodbye. I could tell he was nervous again, because his lip started shaking. (Seriously? Could he get any more adorable?) Even though it was probably only a minute or two, it felt like this part lasted forever. I stood there thinking to myself “Is he going to kiss me or not?!” An eternity of ridiculous giggly goodbye bullshit later, he hugged me. THEN he kissed me. (Fucking finally Fabio!) It was the type of kiss you never forget. I can honestly say that I have never before been kissed like that in my entire life. (Totally worth the mini eternity he just made me wait.) This was the kind of kiss you see in the movies, full of passion, with the classic love song playing in the background. (You know the one I’m talking about!) I bet my leg was kicked up and my hair was blowing in the wind, the whole nine yards.




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